Hi! My name is Michel Krämer. I’m a Researcher, Software Developer, Musician, and Photographer living in Darmstadt, Germany. I’m working for the Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Research IGD. More…

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Easier use of Git

June, 4th 2010

I’m using Git as the version control system for my projects for some time now. Since the graphical user interfaces are not very mature yet and I like having full control over everything, I’m using Git on the command line (i.e. Bash). In order to avoid entering the same commands all over again, I wrote some Bash aliases and functions which ease the use of Git.

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Multilingual websites with Lift and OSGi

April, 5th 2010

Lift already provides some mechanisms to publish a website in different languages. If Lift is used within an OSGi environment, a little workaround is needed in order to make it find the Resource Bundles containing language-dependent strings (usually provided as property files).

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Scala projects with Eclipse PDE Build

March, 30th 2010

PDE Build is the standard build tool from Eclipse. It is used to export OSGi bundles, plugins, features or products. Running in headless mode, PDE Build can be used for automatic builds without a GUI. The Scala IDE does not support PDE Build yet. In order to compile Scala projects you have to do some manual work.

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Scala Style Guide

March, 22nd 2010

Scala does not have an official style guide yet. Because of this, Daniel Spiewak posted such a document in November 2009 on the Scala mailing list. As can be read there, even Martin Odersky, the inventor of Scala, likes that idea and thinks about publishing the document on the official Scala website.

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Browse phpBB with the iPhone/iPod Touch

March, 3rd 2010

The iPhone is very useful for forum administrators who are often on the road and like to answer posts on the train, for example. Unfortunately, the default theme of phpBB is hardly usable on the iPhone (or the iPod Touch). Apart from that, the font size of most discussion boards is so small that you constantly have to zoom.

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5 Anti-Spam-Maßnahmen für phpBB 3.0

April, 8th 2009

phpBB ist als Foren-Software mit offenem Quellcode sehr beliebt und weit verbreitet. Aus diesem Grund ist es aber auch häufig das Ziel von Spammern. In der Version 3.0 wurde deshalb unter anderem ein besseres Captcha eingeführt. Leider haben sich die Spammer inzwischen auf die neue Version eingestellt und Bots geschrieben, die das Captcha automatisch überwinden und Beiträge absetzen können. Im Folgenden werden deshalb fünf Anti-Spam-Maßnahmen beschrieben, die sich in jeder phpBB-3.0-Installation einsetzen lassen und sehr effektiv sind. Ziel ist es dabei, möglichst viele Spam-Beiträge zu blockieren ohne den normalen Betrieb des Forums zu beeinträchtigen.

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