bson4jackson 2.0 has just been released!

Ver­sion 2.0 of bson4­jack­son has just been re­leased. bson4­jack­son adds sup­port for BSON, a bin­ary rep­res­ent­a­tion of JSON, to the Jack­son JSON pro­cessor. The latest re­lease of bson4­jack­son now sup­ports Jack­son 2.0.

Enda O’­Dono­hoe fixed two bugs re­gard­ing the UTF-8 de­coder. Thanks for that!

Sup­port for Jack­son 2.0 was greatly sup­por­ted by James Roper. Thanks again for your con­tri­bu­tions, James!

Sup­port for older Jack­son ver­sions will be dropped with bson4­jack­son 2.0. If you’re look­ing for a ver­sion sup­port­ing the Jack­son 1.x branch, then please down­load bson4­jack­son 1.3.0.

More information

For a com­plete de­scrip­tion of bson4­jack­son (in­clud­ing how to down­load it) have a look at my tu­torial.

Posted by Michel Krämer
on April, 9th 2012.