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Generate citations and bibliographies faster with citeproc-java 3.0.0

24 March 2024

A new version of the CSL processor has just been released. It is now a pure Java implementation and does not rely on JavaScript and citeproc-js any more. This improves performance and avoids compatibility issues.

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A cloud-based data processing and visualization pipeline for the fibre roll-out in Germany

28 February 2024

Our new paper summarizes the work we’ve done together with Deutsche Telekom during the last six and a half years. We’ve built a cloud-based platform that speeds up the roll-out of fibre broadband Internet.

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Steep 6.0.0

27 June 2022

The new version of the scientific workflow management system contains many new features including an improved workflow syntax, better parallelization, workflow priorities, and full-text search. It also fixes a few bugs.

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Spamihilator 1.7 has been released!

5 June 2022

Eight years after the last update, I’m very happy to announce a new version of my free spam filter Spamihilator! This version is a maintenance release. It fixes some minor bugs and improves security.

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New major version 5.0.0 of gradle-download-task

29 January 2022

I’ve just released gradle-download-task 5.0.0. The new version now downloads multiple files in parallel, executes concurrently with other build tasks, and offers better support for Kotlin and Gradle 8.

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Enable GPU to speed up slow Playwright tests in headless mode

2 January 2022

If you run your Playwright tests in headless mode, chances are your browser uses a slow software renderer. This post explains how you can speed up your tests by enabling hardware acceleration.

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Efficient scheduling of workflow actions in the cloud

23 July 2021

My latest paper about scheduling workflow actions based on required capabilities has just been published Springer’s Communications in Computer and Information Science book series.

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Steep 5.8.0

19 May 2021

I’m thrilled to announce the new version of the scientific workflow management system Steep. This release contains many features including the possibility to resume process chains after a scheduler instance has crashed.

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