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Michel Krämer

Hi, my name is Michel!

Nice to meet you. I’m a researcher, software developer, photographer, and musician living in Darmstadt, Germany.

I’m deputy head of the competence center for Spatial Information Management at Fraunhofer IGD and a lecturer at the Technical University of Darmstadt. I have a PhD in Computer Science. My research interests are in processing of big geospatial data, workflow management, distributed systems, and cloud computing.

In my spare time, I’m a passionate musician and photographer. I also work on several open-source projects and contribute to popular frameworks and libraries. Feel free to contact me if you want to know more.

Picture of Michel Krämer


Notoriously curious me exploring the world.

Bormann, P., Krämer, M., Würz, H. M., & Göhringer, P. (2024). Executing Ad-Hoc Queries on Large Geospatial Data Sets Without Acceleration Structures. SN Computer Science, 5, Article 647.
[ | | PDF ]
Krämer, M., Bormann, P., Würz, H. M., Kocon, K., Frechen, T., & Schmid, J. (2024). A cloud-based data processing and visualization pipeline for the fibre roll-out in Germany. Journal of Systems and Software, 211, 112008.
[ | | PDF ]
Würz, H. M., Krämer, M., Kaster, M., & Kuijper, A. (2024). Migrating monolithic applications to function as a service. Software: Practice and Experience, 54(2), 149–167.
[ | | PDF ]
Bormann, P., Krämer, M., & Würz, H. M. (2022). Working efficiently with large geodata files using ad-hoc queries. Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Data Science, Technology, and Applications DATA, 438–445.
[ | | PDF ]
Kocon, K., Krämer, M., & Würz, H. M. (2022). Comparison of CNN-based segmentation models for forest type classification. AGILE: GIScience Series, 3.
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Selected presentations

I was given the opportunity to present my paper about capability-based scheduling in the Cloud at the DATA conference 2020. I talked about Steep’s software architecture and its scheduling algorithm.

A question I was once asked (“Is Cloud Computing ethically justifiable?”) led me to create this presentation about Smart Cities that use Cloud Computing to make the urban environment more livable.

A tutorial I gave at the Web3D 2014 conference in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I presented different tools to prepare and visualize big 3D city models in the Web. The slides start with a motivating example but the largest part of the talk was live coding.

In this presentation that I gave at the Utility and Cloud Computing Conference UCC 2014, I talked about a novel user interface based on Domain-Specific Languages (DSLs) that allow domain experts to harness the capabilities of Cloud Computing.


These are the things I do.


This library adds BSON support to the Jackson JSON processor. BSON is binary encoded JSON. Read my tutorial for more information.



This plugin adds a Download task to Gradle that displays progress information just like Gradle does when it retrieves an artifact from a repository.



citeproc-java is a Citation Style Language (CSL) processor for Java. It interprets CSL styles and generates citations and bibliographies, for example, from BibTeX files.


Steep WMS

Steep is a Scientific Workflow Management System I’m working on at Fraunhofer IGD. It has been a core part of my PhD thesis. In 2020, we decided to release it under an Open-Source license.

Steep WMS

Vert.x website

I’m the official maintainer of the Vert.x website. Vert.x is a tool-kit for building reactive applications on the Java Virtual Machine.

Vert.x website


GeoRocket is a high-performance data store for geospatial files. It’s a project I work on with my team at Fraunhofer IGD.



Spamihilator is a free Anti Spam Filter that works between your email client and the Internet and examines every incoming message. Useless spam mails (Junk) will be filtered out.


GitHub projects

Besides the open-source projects I actively maintain, I also contribute to various other repositories. Visit my profile on GitHub if you want to know more. Please also consider sponsoring my work.


In my other life, I’m a passionate photographer.

I love travelling, hiking and exploring. My constant curiosity has led me to some incredible places on Earth—mostly in Europe and in colder, northern areas of the planet. I mostly do landscape photography but I often also visit beautiful cities.

My bucket list is long (maybe too long) and I try to roam the world as much as I can. Staying outdoors in the nature and experiencing photography adventures has become a part of myself that I cannot imagine to lose.

Maligne Lake
Moraine Lake
Johnston Canyon - Stella Falls


I love singing and playing acoustic guitar.

I spend my spare time with the rock band Rejected Papers. We do covers of various artists and occasionally play a gig in our local area. If you want to see us or book us for your event, feel free to contact me.

In addition, I have a YouTube channel where I upload acoustic folk songs and singer-songwriter covers from time to time. Feel free to subscribe, if you like my videos. Thanks!

Michel Krämer on stage

Get in touch

Feel free to contact me if you want to know more, meet me to discuss ideas, or work with me. You may also reach out to me via social media.