citeproc-java 2.0.0 has just been released

The new ver­sion of cite­proc-java 2.0.0, the Cita­tion Style Lan­guage (CSL) pro­cessor for Java has just been re­leased. cite­proc-java in­ter­prets CSL styles and gen­er­ates cita­tions and bib­li­o­graph­ies. Some of the high­lights are:

  • Im­port­ers for BibTeX, End­Note, and RIS al­low you to cre­ate cita­tions and bib­li­o­graph­ies from your ex­ist­ing cita­tion data­bases.
  • The lib­rary sup­ports a range of out­put formats such as html, text, asciidoc, rtf, and fo.
  • Use the com­mand line tool to ex­ecute the lib­rary without set­ting up a de­vel­op­ment en­vir­on­ment. This is great for test­ing, in par­tic­u­lar if you are a CSL style au­thor and want to test your style files in an easy and quick man­ner. The com­mand line tool even con­tains an in­ter­act­ive shell with com­mand com­ple­tion and auto­matic sug­ges­tions.
  • cite­proc-java is backed by the pop­u­lar cite­proc-js lib­rary, which is very ma­ture and stable.
  • It is CSL 1.0.1 com­pli­ant and all stand­ard tests from the CSL test suite run suc­cess­fully.

Here is a list of the changes in ver­sion 2.0.0:

  • Up­date cite­proc-js to ver­sion 1.2.27
  • Add sup­port for Java 11 and higher
  • Add GraalVM JavaS­cript run­ner
  • Add sup­port for im­port­ing CSL bib­li­o­graph­ies in YAML format
  • Re­move re­mote con­nect­ors to im­prove main­tain­ab­il­ity
  • Tons of bug fixes and other minor im­prove­ments!

Grab cite­proc-java 2.0.0 while it’s still hot:

Usage example

The fol­low­ing il­lus­trat­ive ex­ample will gen­er­ate an HTML bib­li­o­graphy con­tain­ing one entry for the cite­proc-java web­site in IEEE style:

CSLItemData item = new CSLItemDataBuilder()
    .title("citeproc-java: A Citation Style Language (CSL) processor for Java")
    .author("Michel", "Krämer")
    .issued(2019, 11, 9)
    .accessed(2019, 11, 9)

String bibl = CSL.makeAdhocBibliography("ieee", item).makeString();

The out­put will be:

<div class="csl-bib-body">
  <div class="csl-entry">
    <div class="csl-left-margin">[1]</div>
    <div class="csl-right-inline">M. Krämer, “citeproc-java: A Citation Style
      Language (CSL) processor for Java,” 09-Nov-2019. [Online]. Available: [Accessed: 09-Nov-2019].

Find more ex­amples and the full doc­u­ment­a­tion on the cite­proc-java web­site.

Posted by Michel Krämer
on November, 9th 2019.