Steep 5.4.0 has just been released

I’ve just re­leased a new ver­sion of my work­flow man­age­ment sys­tem Steep. This ver­sion comes with two very nice new fea­tures: pro­gress dis­play and the pos­sib­il­ity to re­sub­mit work­flows.

A rough es­tim­a­tion of the pro­gress of pro­cess chains will now auto­mat­ic­ally be cal­cu­lated dur­ing ex­e­cu­tion. This es­tim­a­tion is based on the num­ber of ac­tions already ex­ecuted di­vided by the total num­ber of ac­tions in the pro­cess chain. This in­form­a­tion is avail­able through the pro­cess­chains en­d­point (see in par­tic­u­lar the pro­cess chain data model). It will also be dis­played in the web UI.

I’ve also ad­ded a new plug­in type that can provide a more fine-grained es­tim­a­tion of the pro­gress of pro­cess chains: pro­gress es­tim­ator plu­gins can ana­lyse the log out­put of run­ning pro­cessing ser­vices and look for hints (e.g. per­cent­ages or num­ber of bytes pro­cessed).

Apart from that, I’ve ad­ded a new page to the web UI that al­lows you to sub­mit new work­flows or to re­sub­mit ex­ist­ing ones. It con­tains a full-fledged code ed­itor with syn­tax high­light­ing.

The drop­down menu on the work­flow de­tail page now con­tains a re­sub­mit but­ton. This al­lows you to sub­mit a fin­ished work­flow again if, for ex­ample, your in­put data has changed or if you just want to retry a failed work­flow. The but­ton re­dir­ects you to the new page where you can edit the work­flow be­fore you sub­mit it.

Steep 5.4.0 also comes with a few other im­prove­ments and fixes (see com­plete list be­low). The ver­sion has been thor­oughly tested in prac­tice over the last couple of months.

Steep is a sci­entific work­flow man­age­ment sys­tem that can ex­ecute data-driven work­flows in the Cloud. It is very well suited to har­ness the pos­sib­il­it­ies of dis­trib­uted com­put­ing in or­der to par­al­lel­ise work and to speed up your data pro­cessing work­flows no mat­ter how com­plex they are and re­gard­less of how much data you need to pro­cess. Steep is an open-source soft­ware de­veloped at Fraunhofer IGD. You can down­load the bin­ar­ies and the source code of Steep from its Git­Hub re­pos­it­ory.

Further new features

Be­sides the fea­tures men­tioned above, the new ver­sion con­tains the fol­low­ing im­prove­ments:

  • The ex­ecut­able data model has been ex­ten­ded to keep the ser­vice ID
  • Pro­vi­sion­ing tem­plates can now use the new readFile func­tion to read a local file and de­ploy it to a VM.


  • Im­prove UI re­spons­ive­ness
  • Up­date UI de­pend­en­cies (in par­tic­u­lar up­date Next.js to 9.5.1)
  • Mi­grate UI to styled-jsx
  • Up­date Vert.x to 3.9.2
  • Up­date Kot­lin to 1.4.0

Bug fixes

  • Fix an un­ne­ces­sary page re­fresh in the web UI
  • Render HTTP er­rors with cor­rect con­tent type (i.e. text/​plain)

Posted by Michel Krämer
on August, 21st 2020.