gradle-download-task 3.2.0

The new version of the Gradle plugin gradle-download-task 3.2.0 has just been released. The plugin provides a Download task that displays progress information while downloading files, just like Gradle does when it fetches an artifact from a repository.

Grab gradle-download-task 3.2.0 while it’s still hot:

The new version has been tested with Gradle 1.x up to 3.3 but should be compatible to any other version as well.

New features

  • The HTTP client is now cached if multiple files are downloaded from the the same host within the same task. This improves performance a bit.
  • The plugin now supports file:// based URLs (thanks to Gregory Amerson)
  • The http.nonProxyHosts system property is now supported (thanks to Andrea Di Giorgi)
  • Integration tests for Gradle 3.1 up to 3.3 were added

More information

If you want to learn more about the plugin have a look at its README file or at my earlier post.

I also strongly advice to read my blog post on 10 recipes for gradle-download-task to get an idea what you can do with the plugin.