gradle-download-task 3.2.0

The new ver­sion of the Gradle plug­in gradle-down­load-task 3.2.0 has just been re­leased. The plug­in provides a Download task that dis­plays pro­gress in­form­a­tion while down­load­ing files, just like Gradle does when it fetches an ar­ti­fact from a re­pos­it­ory.

Grab gradle-down­load-task 3.2.0 while it’s still hot:

The new ver­sion has been tested with Gradle 1.x up to 3.3 but should be com­pat­ible to any other ver­sion as well.

New features

  • The HTTP cli­ent is now cached if mul­tiple files are down­loaded from the the same host within the same task. This im­proves per­form­ance a bit.
  • The plug­in now sup­ports file:// based URLs (thanks to Gregory Amer­son)
  • The http.nonProxyHosts sys­tem prop­erty is now sup­por­ted (thanks to An­drea Di Giorgi)
  • In­teg­ra­tion tests for Gradle 3.1 up to 3.3 were ad­ded

More information

If you want to learn more about the plug­in have a look at its README file or at my earlier post.

I also strongly ad­vice to read my blog post on 10 re­cipes for gradle-down­load-task to get an idea what you can do with the plug­in.

Posted by Michel Krämer
on January, 29th 2017.