New releases of bson4jackson and gradle-download-task

Today, I’m happy to announce new versions of bson4jackson 2.6.0 and gradle-download-task 2.1.0. bson4jackson adds support for BSON, a binary representation of JSON, to the Jackson JSON processor. gradle-download-task is a Gradle plugin that provides a Download task displaying progress information while downloading files—just like Gradle does when it fetches an artifact from a repository.

Grab the new releases while they’re still hot:

The new versions are maintenance releases fixing a few minor bugs.


bson4jackson 2.6.0

  • Upgrade to Jackson 2.6
  • Add missing hashCode() functions for custom types
  • Add support for MinKey (see issue #51)

gradle-download-task 2.1.0

  • Update to Gradle 2.9
  • Support Gradle’s --offline command line parameter (see feature request #33)

More information

For a complete description of bson4jackson (including how to download it) have a look at my tutorial. If you want to learn more about gradle-download-task have a look at its README file or at my earlier post.

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Posted by Michel Krämer
on 15 December 2015

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