Making the new Vert.x 3.0 website

Vert.x is a toolkit for build­ing re­act­ive ap­plic­a­tions on the Java Vir­tual Ma­chine. The pro­ject main­tain­ers are cur­rently work­ing hard to get the new ver­sion 3.0 out. Tim Fox, the ori­ginal cre­ator of Vert.x and one of its core de­velopers, was re­cently look­ing for someone to re­design the Vert.x web­site. I offered to take over the job! I con­sider this an op­por­tun­ity to give something back to the great Vert.x com­munity!

I wanted to show you how the new web­site looks and provide you with some de­tails on its de­vel­op­ment. But first things first. Here’s the link to the cur­rent draft:

And here are two screen­shots to give you an im­pres­sion of the cur­rent state:

This is a list of some of the tech­no­lo­gies I use to make the web­site:

Ac­cord­ing to the roadmap Vert.x 3.0 will be re­leased in June 2015. I’m really look­ing for­ward to the new ver­sion. It con­tains tons of im­prove­ments and new fea­tures!

I’m really grate­ful for the op­por­tun­ity to con­trib­ute to this great pro­ject!

Building the website

If you want to hack on the web­site feel free to do so. Con­tri­bu­tions are more than wel­come!

First of all, clone the web­site re­pos­it­ory on Git­Hub. You can build the site with mvn site. This will as­semble and trans­form the vari­ous parts of the site and place it in target/site.

Building continuously during development

If you only change the site pages, you can ac­tiv­ate the gulp watch mode (after hav­ing built the site once) with gulp watch. This will scan for changes and re­build the part of the site that needs to be re­freshed.

The doc­u­ment­a­tion pages will not be re­built con­tinu­ously. If you change the header or footer tem­plates and want to up­date the doc­u­ment­a­tion pages, you need to stop the watch mode with Ctrl+C and start it again with gulp watch.

Previewing during development

gulp watch starts a small em­bed­ded web server that lets you pre­view the web­site un­der http://localhost:4000. The port can be changed in the gulpfile.js file.

Posted by Michel Krämer
on May, 2nd 2015.