New Website Design

Today I’m very pleased to announce the new design of my website! I put a lot of effort into making it clean and feature rich at the same time. My goal was to reduce the number of distracting elements while keeping the functionality of the old site.

The blog posts are now a lot easier to read. Font size is larger and the sidebar has been removed. I also redesigned the photography page. Larger images now make use of the full screen size. I’m using the fancyBox JavaScript library as before but I tuned it a lot to better present the photos.

Here are some impressions comparing the old design with the new one:


Home page

Blog posts

I wanted to utilize modern technologies and elements for both, the front-end and the back-end:

Of course, the website is completely responsive and should look equally good on various devices.


Photography page



In addition to the new design, I also put a lot of effort into making the site as fast and small as possible. I applied several techniques such as image compression or HTML and CSS minification to reduce the number of HTTP requests and bytes that have to be transferred before a web page can be displayed.

I hope you like the new site! Enjoy your stay!

If you have ideas, remarks or comments feel free to put them below.

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Posted by Michel Krämer
on 22 January 2015

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