Spamihilator 1.6 has been released!

I just released the new version 1.6 of my free spam filter Spamihilator! This version is a maintenance release. It fixes some minor bugs and improves security. Installation is recommended to all users.

Please download Spamihilator from the following website:

Here’s a complete list of changes:

  • Improved compatibility with mail accounts from Arcor
  • Improved compatibility with 64-bit operating systems
  • Disabled insecure SSLv2 method. SSLv3 and TLS are still available.
  • Prevent SSLv3 POODLE attack
  • Fixed some minor bugs that could cause Spamihilator to crash in certain cases

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Posted by Michel Krämer
on 5 December 2014

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gradle-download-task 1.2

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