vertx-lang-typescript 1.0.0

I’m happy to an­nounce the first stable ver­sion of vertx-lang-typescript. The lib­rary adds sup­port for (the all-new) TypeScript 1.6 to (the also all-new) Vert.x 3.1 or higher.

The lib­rary re­gisters a new fact­ory for verticles writ­ten in TypeScript. Just add the lib­rary to your class path and you’re done. Files with a name end­ing in .ts will auto­mat­ic­ally be com­piled to JavaS­cript when they are ex­ecuted.

Type defin­i­tions for the Vert.x JavaS­cript API are also provided. Use them in your fa­vour­ite TypeScript ed­itor to get auto-com­ple­tion, API doc­u­ment­a­tion and mean­ing­ful er­ror mes­sages (see the fol­low­ing screen­cast).


  • TypeScript 1.6
  • Vert.x 3.1 (or higher)
  • Auto­matic com­pil­a­tion of .ts files
  • Type defin­i­tion files for your fa­vour­ite TypeScript ed­itor
    • Auto-com­ple­tion
    • API doc­u­ment­a­tion
    • Mean­ing­ful er­ror mes­sages

Download and Usage

If you want to know more about how to use the lib­rary go to the pro­ject’s web­site:

To down­load the lib­rary or the type defin­i­tions visit the fol­low­ing site:

Posted by Michel Krämer
on October, 7th 2015.