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Executing cyclic scientific workflows in the cloud

7 April 2021

Our paper has just been published in the journal of cloud computing. We present an approach for a cloud-based system executing scientific workflows whose structure may change during run time.

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Sudocle: A modern web app for Sudoku

7 March 2021

As a huge fan of Sudoku, I’m extremely happy to announce the first version of Sudocle, a web app inspired by “Cracking the Cryptic”. The app is lightweight and has a clean look, which makes solving Sudoku puzzles more fun than ever!

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Steep 5.7.0

3 March 2021

I’ve just released a new version of my scientific workflow management system Steep. It introduces live process chain logs, improved VM management, and many other new features. This post summarises all changes.

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Steep 5.6.0

14 November 2020

The new version of my scientific workflow management system highlights automatic retrying of individual services, multiple agents per Steep instance, an optimised scheduling algorithm, and many other new features.

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Fast and scalable point cloud indexing

5 November 2020

In our paper, we introduce a system for fast, scalable indexing of arbitrarily sized point clouds based on a task-parallel computation model. We evaluate our system in two experiments processing datasets with several billion points.

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Steep 5.4.0 has just been released

21 August 2020

The new version of the scientific workflow management system introduces two new features: progress display and the possibility to resubmit workflows. The update also fixes a few minor bugs. It is recommended for all users.

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bson4jackson 2.11.0

25 July 2020

This version is a maintenance release that updates Jackson and fixes some minor issues. Performance of the UTF-8 decoder has been improved and precision of BigDecimals has been increased. Updating is recommended for all users.

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Steep 5.3.0 has been released

24 July 2020

A new minor version has been released. It deprecates a few properties in the workflow and process chain models and offers a few other features such as separate SSH usernames per setup and a new workflow validator.

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