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New features in gradle-download-task 3.4.0

4 March 2018

Version 3.4.0 of the popular Gradle plugin contains many new features. Highlights are the support for ETags and downloading to a temporary file. The update also contains various other improvements.

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gradle-download-task 3.3.0

14 September 2017

I’ve just published the new version 3.3.0 of the popular gradle-download-task plugin. This update contains (among other features) configurable timeouts, request and response interceptors, and updated integration tests.

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GeoRocket 1.1.0

12 September 2017

The new version of the open-source application GeoRocket comes with many new features. Highlights are the support for user-defined properties and the extended query language, which now provides comparison operators.

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gradle-download-task 3.2.0

29 January 2017

The new version contains many new features including HTTP client caching for improved performance, downloading from file-based URLs, support for non-proxy hosts, and updated integration tests for the latest Gradle versions.

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Actson 1.2.0 with RFC 7159 compliance

16 November 2016

The next version of my reactive JSON parser is available! The update includes RFC 7159 compliance, performance improvements, and minor bug fixes. The library is small and fast. Updating is recommended for all users.

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Actson: a reactive (or non-blocking, or asynchronous) JSON parser

19 August 2016

I’m thrilled to announce the first release of Actson, a reactive JSON parser. Actson is event-based and can be used together with reactive frameworks such as Vert.x to create highly responsive applications.

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gradle-download-task 3.0.0

1 May 2016

I’m happy to announce a new version of the popular gradle-download-task. The plugin’s core has been completely rewritten. It now supports proxy servers and creates target directories automatically. Updating is recommended for all users.

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10 recipes for gradle-download-task

3 April 2016

gradle-download-task is a Gradle plugin that allows you to download files during the build process. This post summarizes common patterns and use cases of gradle-download-task and provides useful tips and tricks.

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