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Spamihilator website now Open Source

2 May 2013

I’ve just published the website of my popular anti-spam freeware Spamihilator as open source. The website is built with the static site generator Jekyll. If you want to contribute, send me a pull request on GitHub.

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5 anti-spam measures for phpBB 3.0

30 March 2013

Discussion boards powered by phpBB are regularly targeted by spammers. Version 3 has introduced an improved Captcha but there are more possibilities to reduce spam. In this article, I present five useful and effective measures.

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bson4jackson 2.0 has just been released!

9 April 2012

I’m excited to announce bson4jackson 2.0! The new version supports Jackson 2.0. Also, with a little help from the community, a few bugs have been fixed. Upgrading is recommended for all users.

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Improved MongoDB compatibility for bson4jackson

17 December 2011

A new version of bson4jackson has just been released! Thanks to the contributions of three amazing people from the open-source community, this release now includes better support for MongoDB.

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Build Scala projects with Eclipse Buckminster

26 June 2011

Buckminster is a tool to build Eclipse RCP applications. It contains a lightweight Eclipse SDK and features but no means to build Scala projects yet. This post tries to bridge this gap.

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Binary JSON with bson4jackson

30 January 2011

This post introduces the open-source library bson4jackson, which is an extension to the Jackson JSON processor. It enables you to parse and generate documents in a binary JSON format called BSON.

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Scala projects with Eclipse PDE Build (2)

20 November 2010

Since my last article about building Scala projects with Eclipse PDE, the OSGi bundle names of the Scala library and the compiler have changed. This article gives an update and explains how you need to modify your configuration.

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Easier use of Git

4 June 2010

Git is my version control system of choice. I really love it but I found myself having to type the same commands over and over again. In this article, I share my Bash aliases that help me speed up my workflow.

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