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bson4jackson 2.7 has just been released!

24 January 2016

I’m happy to announce a new version 2.7 of bson4jackson, the popular library that adds support for binary JSON (BSON) to the Jackson JSON processor. The latest update is a maintenance release.

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ECMAScript 6/7 on the JVM with TypeScript and Vert.x

20 December 2015

In this article, I describe how to use ES6 and ES7 features on the JVM with vertx-lang-typescript. The library extends Vert.x 3, so you can write your verticles in TypeScript.

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New releases of bson4jackson and gradle-download-task

15 December 2015

The two popular libraries just got updates! bson4jackson adds missing hashCode() implementations and supports the MinKey value. gradle-download-task now supports running offline.

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vertx-lang-typescript 1.0.0

7 October 2015

Today, I’m excited to announce the first stable version of vertx-lang-typescript, a library that adds support for TypeScript to Vert.x 3! It allows you to write verticles in TypeScript that are automatically compiled when they are executed.

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gradle-download-task 2.0.0

19 August 2015

The popular Gradle plugin now supports lazy source and destination properties. You can also configure it to ignore certificate errors, and it provides a new verify task. The plugin uses semantic versioning from now on.

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Upgrading to Windows 10 fails with error code 80240020

15 August 2015

When I tried to install Windows 10 the other day on my laptop, I got an error message. This blog post summarizes a few solutions I found on the Internet for people who are in the same situation.

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bson4jackson 2.5 has just been released!

25 May 2015

In bson4jackson 2.5, I’ve added support for Jackson 2.5. Besides other small changes, I was also able to improve the library’s performance. Thanks again to the community for the help.

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Making the new Vert.x 3.0 website

2 May 2015

I’m excited that I got the opportunity to contribute to one of my favourite open-source projects, Vert.x. I’m making the new website for the upcoming Vert.x 3.0! This post gives a first glimpse at how the website will look.

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