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gradle-download-task: download files with progress

March, 22nd 2014

I really like how Gradle dis­plays pro­gress while it’s fetch­ing ar­ti­facts from Maven re­pos­it­or­ies, but I was al­ways won­der­ing why you can­not use the same func­tion­al­ity when you’re down­load­ing ar­bit­rary files in your build script. You can of course use An­t’s down­load task to fetch files, but it does not dis­play pro­gress in­form­a­tion. Since I could­n’t find a solu­tion on the In­ter­net I de­cided to write a plug­in.

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Command line tool for citations and bibliographies

October, 25th 2013

I was work­ing very hard on the new ver­sion of cite­proc-java lately and I’m glad to an­nounce that it has just been re­leased. The high­lights in ver­sion 0.6 are:

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Generating citations and bibliographies with CSL and citeproc-java

September, 16th 2013

I was re­cently writ­ing a sci­entific doc­u­ment with As­ciiDoc. As usual my tool­chain was As­ciiDoc → Doc­Book → FO → PDF. It really worked quite well un­til I came to the point where manu­ally adding cita­tions and edit­ing the bib­li­o­graphy by hand be­came really com­plex and I sud­denly found my­self yearn­ing for more auto­ma­tion.

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bson4jackson 2.2 has just been released!

May, 9th 2013

Ver­sion 2.2 of bson4­jack­son has just been re­leased. bson4­jack­son adds sup­port for BSON, a bin­ary rep­res­ent­a­tion of JSON, to the Jack­son JSON pro­cessor.

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Spamihilator website now Open Source

May, 2nd 2013

I’ve just re­leased the source code of the Spami­hil­ator web­site as Open Source. You can down­load it from the fol­low­ing Git­Hub re­pos­it­ory:

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5 anti-spam measures for phpBB 3.0

March, 30th 2013

phpBB is an open-source forum soft­ware that is very pop­u­lar and widely used. This makes it an ideal tar­get for spam­mers. The phpBB de­velopers there­fore im­ple­men­ted an im­proved Captcha in ver­sion 3.0. But spam­mers have already ad­ap­ted to this and have im­ple­men­ted im­proved bots that are able to break the new Captcha and to auto­mat­ic­ally cre­ate junk posts. In the fol­low­ing I will de­scribe five anti-spam meas­ures that ef­fect­ively re­duce spam in every phpBB 3.x in­stance. The main goal of these meas­ures is to block as many spam posts as pos­sible without af­fect­ing nor­mal forum users.

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